still pulling it all together

it is shameful how long it is taking me to figure this all out.  especially since my good friends over at super runaway worked so hard to put this gorgeous site together for me.  i am, incredibly sorry.  but i am sorting it all out and it is coming together!  when it is done, it will be glorious!  dammit!

unfortunately i have not made too much recently.  i just finished up a pretty intense class (if i was awake, i was studying).  i didn’t have any ‘free’ time to do anything but.  when the class was over, i did owe some one a birthday gift, so i whipped up this little ditty for sweet lil’ d here!

that got the creative juices flowing again.  i followed this pattern from prudent baby.  they provide a printable pattern (which i sized up 120%) and simple instructions.  although d was way more interested in the sparkly bag it came in, mom and i thought the dress was pretty fantastic.

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