it makes you who you are

i have been trying to find a balance between study and art making; it has not been easy.  i have managed to get in a bit of drawing over the last couple of weeks.  i feel ill when i don’t make -something- for long bits of time, so i’ve been trying to fit in quick bits here and there.  this post will be a bit of a sketch dump.

this was from the first life drawing session i’ve done in something like… ohh… seven or eight years.  five minute poses.







i have this idea for my next tattoo.  i’m not sure i want it this way because there is some concern that the letters in the frame will be too small.  i used various references from the internet and a couple of dover books i have for the black and white.  there were a few other sketchs i did, but this is the one i liked the best.  the lyrics are from amanda palmer’s “lost”.








i started to play around with color in sketchbook pro on the samsung note.  i didn’t use references at all for that one.. just goofing around a bit.


i also made a small painting as a mix cd holder for our anniversary, but david seems to have hidden it away, so i can’t take any pictures at the moment.  so, that is all for now.  i know it isn’t much.  i’ll post more as i have it!  the “season” is here, so there is bound to be more as i make gifts for the holidays!


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