a gift

i promised i would post pictures of the mystery gift.  so here they are!

for christmas i made my sisters each a purse from a vogue pattern i bought. i had to find a pattern that worked with smaller pieces that would fit all together.  the fabric i used was from my grandfather’s coats (which my grandmother had given to my boyfriend after pop passed away).  they weren’t really d’s style, but i kept them with this idea in mind.  i just had to find the right pattern.  i only took photos of the one.  i should have photographed them both.


the exterior is from the coats, the inside made of cotton.  both of them have little inside pockets lined with heart print cotton and have a magnetic snap closure.


i didn’t follow the pattern exactly… i hardly ever do.  this pattern called for all sorts of inserts and triple inside linings and separations.  but really all i wanted was a simple, spacious, stylish bag pattern that i could use the jacket pieces for.

i crocheted a small black chain and got these neat heart beads which i added for adornment.  i felt they needed just a little something extra.


so here it is!   i  am quite happy with how they came out.  if i get a chance i will photograph the second one if my sister ever brings it back over here.


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