a gift

i promised i would post pictures of the mystery gift.  so here they are!

for christmas i made my sisters each a purse from a vogue pattern i bought. i had to find a pattern that worked with smaller pieces that would fit all together.  the fabric i used was from my grandfather’s coats (which my grandmother had given to my boyfriend after pop passed away).  they weren’t really d’s style, but i kept them with this idea in mind.  i just had to find the right pattern.  i only took photos of the one.  i should have photographed them both.


the exterior is from the coats, the inside made of cotton.  both of them have little inside pockets lined with heart print cotton and have a magnetic snap closure.


i didn’t follow the pattern exactly… i hardly ever do.  this pattern called for all sorts of inserts and triple inside linings and separations.  but really all i wanted was a simple, spacious, stylish bag pattern that i could use the jacket pieces for.

i crocheted a small black chain and got these neat heart beads which i added for adornment.  i felt they needed just a little something extra.


so here it is!   i  am quite happy with how they came out.  if i get a chance i will photograph the second one if my sister ever brings it back over here.


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busy busy!

happy new year!  i’ve been busy working on a few things these past couple months, the one i am most excited about is a new plush!  meet the fox!  i’ve been working on this pattern in my head for some time, but finally got around to making it.  there is another version of this i would like to try, and once i get the pattern down, i would like to have a go at a kitsune?  sounds like fun, right?










he is crochet with the exception of his nose (which is felted), his eyes (which are plastic safety eyes), and the inserts in his ears which are fleece.  


i think he is a photographer!








leave a comment, tell me what you think!  any suggestions for new dolls?  feel free to let me know.  


i’ll post the other projects once they’ve reached their destination.  no spoilers, you know?



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it makes you who you are

i have been trying to find a balance between study and art making; it has not been easy.  i have managed to get in a bit of drawing over the last couple of weeks.  i feel ill when i don’t make -something- for long bits of time, so i’ve been trying to fit in quick bits here and there.  this post will be a bit of a sketch dump.

this was from the first life drawing session i’ve done in something like… ohh… seven or eight years.  five minute poses.







i have this idea for my next tattoo.  i’m not sure i want it this way because there is some concern that the letters in the frame will be too small.  i used various references from the internet and a couple of dover books i have for the black and white.  there were a few other sketchs i did, but this is the one i liked the best.  the lyrics are from amanda palmer’s “lost”.








i started to play around with color in sketchbook pro on the samsung note.  i didn’t use references at all for that one.. just goofing around a bit.


i also made a small painting as a mix cd holder for our anniversary, but david seems to have hidden it away, so i can’t take any pictures at the moment.  so, that is all for now.  i know it isn’t much.  i’ll post more as i have it!  the “season” is here, so there is bound to be more as i make gifts for the holidays!


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remaining consistently inconsistent.

don’t think i’ve forgotten about you.  with learning all things hormone and blood (i’m in a&p 2 this semester), i haven’t been up to much in the making department.  if i can’t focus on making some kind of art, my creativity tends to come out in the kitchen (like last night when i was inspired to throw tomatillos into my pasta sauce (waaaaat?))  i know, right?  i’m going to -try- and devote a couple of hours on the weekend to making things (aside from experiments in the kitchen).

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couldn’t resist

we are about to re-do the work room here, so i’ve been going through my supplies and packing up the things that i haven’t been using to donate.  i came across a wee piece of the cutest fabric.  and how?  how could i resist making another dress for my friend’s daughter when i found this fabric in my collection?  it is the blue of her eyes with vines of the sweetest little strawberries and flowers on it.  i mean… really?!


so that is what i’ve been working on this week.  i might post pics of the make-over as we go.  we’ll see!

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still pulling it all together

it is shameful how long it is taking me to figure this all out.  especially since my good friends over at super runaway worked so hard to put this gorgeous site together for me.  i am, incredibly sorry.  but i am sorting it all out and it is coming together!  when it is done, it will be glorious!  dammit!

unfortunately i have not made too much recently.  i just finished up a pretty intense class (if i was awake, i was studying).  i didn’t have any ‘free’ time to do anything but.  when the class was over, i did owe some one a birthday gift, so i whipped up this little ditty for sweet lil’ d here!

that got the creative juices flowing again.  i followed this pattern from prudent baby.  they provide a printable pattern (which i sized up 120%) and simple instructions.  although d was way more interested in the sparkly bag it came in, mom and i thought the dress was pretty fantastic.

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hello world!

i feel like i have moved into a new apartment.  this webpage is so shiny and new!  please pardon the appearance while i unpack!

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