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a gift

i promised i would post pictures of the mystery gift.  so here they are! for christmas i made my sisters each a purse from a vogue pattern i bought. i had to find a pattern that worked with smaller pieces that would fit all together.  the fabric i used was from my grandfather’s coats (which my [...]

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it makes you who you are

i have been trying to find a balance between study and art making; it has not been easy.  i have managed to get in a bit of drawing over the last couple of weeks.  i feel ill when i don’t make -something- for long bits of time, so i’ve been trying to fit in quick [...]

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remaining consistently inconsistent.

don’t think i’ve forgotten about you.  with learning all things hormone and blood (i’m in a&p 2 this semester), i haven’t been up to much in the making department.  if i can’t focus on making some kind of art, my creativity tends to come out in the kitchen (like last night when i was inspired [...]

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couldn’t resist

we are about to re-do the work room here, so i’ve been going through my supplies and packing up the things that i haven’t been using to donate.  i came across a wee piece of the cutest fabric.  and how?  how could i resist making another dress for my friend’s daughter when i found this [...]

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hello world!

i feel like i have moved into a new apartment.  this webpage is so shiny and new!  please pardon the appearance while i unpack!

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