with a hiatus in my teen years, i’ve been crocheting since i was about 6.  crocheting centers me.  it calms me.  i feel a connection to the past.  to my great grandmother, who was the person who initially taught me.  while she was sitting near her kitchen window using just daylight to hook these intricate doilies, i was sitting at her table struggling to make awkward web-like a-morphic scarves for my dolls.  but when i finished, i always felt accomplished, and she always made me feel proud (even if what i made came out looking like something a drunk seven legged spider spewed out its butt).

i’ve tried to work crochet into a lot of my artistic pursuits.  jewelry, home decor, purses, and totes.  in college, i even ran an inked crochet piece through the printing press in my innovative printmaking class.  i like trying to think of different ways to use this skill.  i’m glad she taught me all those years ago, and that it stuck.  i’m happy to say it is part of who i am.